Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My bicycle solution

I think I whinged and thought about my bike a lot during the early stages of the January Cure, where I was dealing with my laundry/hallway/entryway issues. I actually figured it out during the January Cure, but never shared my solution!

I ended up deciding that I had to find a way to store the bicycle that met the following criteria:
  1. The bicycle would never venture into carpet territory (i.e. it had to be the laundry or the hallway, unless I was mopping)
  2. No furniture for bike storage would be purchased unless I had completely exhausted all options, persisted with the laundry/hallway swap for another three weeks and became exceptionally annoyed during this period
  3. I would be able to keep the laundry door closed at all times.
First I cleaned up the laundry - I had this completely irrational fear of the space under the laundry sink (and also the kitchen sink) when I first moved in. I hate creepy crawlies, they tend to like dark spaces, so I avoid dark spaces that I can't light up. When my mum came for a visit, she started to put things under the kitchen sink, so I got over my kitchen sink related anxiety. But she didn't touch the laundry area, so that storage space remained unused.

But during the January Cure my dislike to clutter was allowed to overtake all other kinds of anxiety - so I opened the laundry sink for the first time since I moved in. And there were no creepy crawlies. :) So I moved most of my laundry products in there and found that the little basket set up I had now had a clear top. I could easily manoeuvre my bike in and out without hitting anything!  I eventually found that I could easily mount the front wheel of my bike on the laundry sink and then, success! I was able to close the laundry door with my bike inside.

But then I started to do my linen laundry and found that I had to move my bike in order to access the laundry powder. Booooooo.

I did a bit of Ikea-ing, trying to find a shelving unit that was no more than 20cm deep to fit between the wall and the washing machine. I figured that if I could move the bare essentials to that shelf, then I could keep the bike in its current position. The closest I got was an Ekby Järpen/Ekby Gällö combination - but I didn't want to spend $90 on a glorified laundry powder stand... and I really couldn't be bothered searching for something cheap that would fit!

I thought about a narrow shelf and hook unit that would fit next to my current basket setup, where the bike would potentially hang by its toptube. I then lifted the back of my bike to see if that could work... and I realised that I could potentially have a similar solution already in place!

Ha! Not only did I not purchase any furniture, I can do laundry without moving the bike and I can also now mop the area without having to move the bike onto carpet territory at all! Win!

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