Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Blogging Hiatus

Uni is stupidly busy right now, and I am fitting in my runs (and my Walking Dead, although that's over until much later this year), I think I'll take a break from trying to keep this blog updated for now.

At least until I finish all my labwork and am not spending 10+ hours (that's 1.5 nights of sleep!) of my week driving around Sydney just so I can analyse samples. I am also starting to really hate not having my main supervisor around, as I don't think he has any idea of how exhausted I am. No wonder I want to go home once my labwork is done!

I think if I can get some solid amounts of work done over the next few weeks, then he might be less apprehensive about me moving back home soon. Sure, I'd then collapse out of exhaustion, but at least I had some recovery time over Easter. Aside from a couple of runs, I spent Easter sleeping, programming, driving to and from the lab, sleeping, programming and sleeping. It does mean that I've now started to have days beginning at 9.30am and through to 4am, making it difficult this morning to get myself to my Wednesday site by 9am. Made it, despite the stupid amount of traffic due to the storm, but now feeling like I need to be hooked up to a coffee or Red Bull drip.

Anyway, given I'm struggling to fit in more than the essentials into my uni-dominated life (running/exercise is essential for sanity), I think I'll have to put this blog on pause. I'm still taking photos on my runs so I think my tumblr will be my primary "blogging" outlet - if there is to be any kind of outlet. However, given the backlog of photos sitting on my phone, this may only be wishful thinking.

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  1. Yikes! No wonder you want to take a break. Hope you get some time to relax in all that busy-ness!